Norway – My epic climb to the top of Stetind

Norway - My epic climb to the top of Stetind, photo: Rozle Bregar

Before embarking on my month-long road trip in Norway, I had already fallen in love with Stetind. Its almost perfect obelisk shape has earned it…All story


Iceland: Exploring the Magnificent Eruption of Fagradalsfjall Volcano

Iceland - Fagradalsfjall vulcano eruption

Iceland has always been one of my top destinations for outdoor adventures, and my recent trip to this beautiful country was no exception. Little did…All story

Iceland – Steep lines in the land of fire and ice

Iceland - Steep lines in the land of fire and ice

Iceland is a small country, but it has plenty to offer. It is really difficult to describe all the natural wealth the island possesses. There…All story


Alaska – Mt. Denali expedition

Alaska - Mt. Denali expedition, foto Rozle Bregar

The Mt. Denali expedition is more than just a climb to the summit; it's a journey of self-discovery and friendship. The film project "Ti Sam…All story

Nepal – The memory of Mt. Everest

Nepal DavoKarnicar RozleBregar 12

Davo Karničar was definitely one of the best mountain skiers in the world. He skied from the top of the seven summits, the highest peaks…All story


Mongolia – Tsaatans, the Reindeer People

Mongolia fotoRozleBregar 03 resize

The Tsaatan, also known as the "Reindeer People," are a nomadic tribe that has lived in the taiga area of North-East Mongolia for centuries. They…All story


Greenland – The Last Ice Hunters

Dog sledge - Greenland - The Last Ice Hunters, photo: Rozle Bregar

The story of the last generation of Inuit hunters from East Greenland. In the last 100 years the local populace faced dramatic changes, from living…All story

Balkan Rivers Tour – The Undamaged

Balkan Rivers Tour - The Undamaged

The idea for the inaugural Balkan Rivers Tour was created as a result of Rok Rozman’s lifelong passion for the rivers of his home in…All story


Wisconsin – Intaward Ice Age trail

Wisconsin - Intaward Ice Age trail, photo: Rozle Bregar

The Ice Age Trail expedition in Wisconsin was no ordinary trek for these young high school students from Slovenia. As members of the International Award…All story

Mauritius – Intaward expedition

Sea with tree, Mauritius - Intaward expedition, photo: Rozle Bregar

The Duke of Edinburgh's International Award is a remarkable program that empowers young people with essential skills and knowledge to thrive in life and work.…All story


Thailand – Another climb

Sunset bouldering, Thailand - Another climb, photo: Rozle Bregar

Thailand is a popular destination for those seeking refuge from the cold winter months. With its warm, sunny weather and beautiful beaches, it's no wonder…All story


Nepal – Golden Intaward expedition

Nepal - Golden Intaward expedition, photo: Rozle Bregar

A group of high school students from Slovenia recently participated in a gold expedition as part of the International Award for Young People program. The…All story


Japan – Meeting my Climbing Idol Yuji Hirayama

Japan - Yuji Hirayama, photo: Rozle Bregar

As a child, I was an avid climber and looked up to many professional climbers. One of my biggest idols was Yuji Hirayama, a renowned…All story

A Journey through the Japanese Alps

A Journey through the Japanese Alps, photo: Rozle Bregar

It was a beautiful October with autumn colors. My father dropped me off in a place I don't remember anymore. He gave me a map…All story


Corsica – Climbing the Local Crags

Corsica - Climbing the Local Crags, photo: Rozle Bregar

The island of Corsica offers a wide variety of rock types. Opting for a van is the ideal way to traverse the island's entirety and…All story


Japan – Pow Pow Avalanche

Japan - Pow Pow Avalanche, photo: Rozle Bregar

Deep powder always attracts people from all over the world to Japan. My father Cveto Podlogar fell in love with it so much that he…All story


Thailand – The Climbing Expedition

Thailand - The Climbing Expedition, photo: Rozle Bregar

When my climbing partner Jernej turned 18, we were eager to explore the world, and Thailand's Krabi was calling our names. With our bags packed…All story