“I was just a boy with a huge passion for creativity that led me to film for The BBC.“

Rožle Bregar is at home in the mountains. His love for photography and adventure sports transformed him into a prize-winning cinematographer and film director. Rožle is known for his ability to film in extreme conditions – from dangling from a rope alongside rock climbers or overnighting in a tent on a frigid mountain or by the river with a kayak – he is dedicated to capturing elusive moments, remote landscapes and the emotion of extreme outdoor sports. His admiration of nature and immersion in an outdoor lifestyle drive him to see things others cannot.

He is a co-founder of the video production company Vizualist, established in 2008 by a group of young, ambitious Slovenian filmers who share a passion for film with a creative approach.

Rožle has worked worldwide on many types of projects, including BBC, Amazon Studios, Warner Bros Discovery and NHK World Japan. He is constantly on the road or on the trail, capturing unique stories in wild parts of the world. Rožle has filmed several feature-length documentaries and made many commercials and tourism promotion videos.

When there is a crazy idea involving difficult approach, extreme weather conditions and a unique angle, Rožle is there.

Multi-awarded film and content creator in love with outdoors and mountains.

Project highlights

Photo exhibitions

  • Ti sam greš, BOFF & Ljubljana 2019
  • Mrzle poti, Bled 2009
  • Čez mejo, Jesenice 2009
  • Drop Out, Magušarjeva hiša 2007


  • Iceland: My Second Home, 2023
  • Denali - Alaska & project Ti sam Greš with Davo Karničar, 2019
  • Greenland story - The Last Ice Hunters, 2018
  • Cinematography lessons at the Institute and Academy for Multimedia, 2014 - 2016
  • Thailand Climbing Expedition, 2007

Film festivals & photo awards jury member

  • 14. Festival gorniškega filma (International Alliance for Mountain Film), 2020
  • BOFF - Outdoor film festival, 2017
  • Moja smer, Slovenian Alpine Museum, 2022
  • #mojivrhovi, Slovenian Alpine Museum, 2020
  • The Duke of Edinburgh's International Award photo competition, 2023