May 2019 Rožle Bregar

Alaska – Mt. Denali expedition

The Mt. Denali expedition is more than just a climb to the summit; it’s a journey of self-discovery and friendship. The film project “Ti Sam Greš” captures the essence of this journey, showcasing the story of two vastly different people who come together to conquer the challenging peak.

Davo Karničar, one of the best Slovenian alpinists, is the heart of the story. The film provides an in-depth insight into his life and his passion for mountaineering. But it’s the addition of Miha, a city boy who had never ventured beyond his sofa, that brings a unique perspective to the film.

The unlikely duo embarks on the challenging climb, and through their shared experience, they develop an unbreakable bond. The film captures the essence of their friendship, as well as the physical and mental challenges they face on the mountain.

The Mt. Denali expedition becomes a metaphor for life, where one can achieve greatness with the help of others. The film project “Ti Sam Greš” is an inspiring story of overcoming challenges, following your passions, and the power of friendship.