December 2018By Rožle Bregar

Mongolia – Tsaatans, the Reindeer People

The Tsaatan, also known as the “Reindeer People,” are a nomadic tribe that has lived in the taiga area of North-East Mongolia for centuries. They have a deep connection with nature and a unique lifestyle that revolves around their reindeer. These animals are not only their means of transport but also a source of food.

These amazing people live in harmony with the environment and follow a sustainable way of life. They move several times a year to adapt to the changing seasons and the availability of food for their reindeer. They build their homes using traditional materials and techniques, and their way of life has remained largely unchanged for generations.

Reindeer are at the heart of Tsaatan culture, and each family has between 20 and 150 of these majestic animals. People have a deep respect for their reindeer and treat them as members of their family. They believe that the animals have a spiritual connection with the land and are a symbol of their identity.

In conclusion, the Tsaatan people are a unique and fascinating group of nomads who have lived in harmony with nature for centuries. They serve as an example of how humans can live sustainably and in harmony with nature, and we should strive to learn from their traditional knowledge and practices.