On, In and Under the Sava

Short series

Armed with a raft, snorkels and flippers, four friends drift down Slovenia’s Sava River. Their one mission: find the elusive finned monsters that dwell in the deep, in order to help protect the Sava from the construction of dams.

Part I. – On the Sava

Same crew, same river, but a different vessel and reason for the trip than a year before on the Sava River. Carmen Kuntz, Rok Rozman, Bor Mihelič, and Branko Djoković decided to become rafters. Why? Well, let’s just say they had a solid reason. Stay tuned to learn more in the next part.

Part II. – In the Sava

The surprising reason for the crew of kayakers to become rafters is snorkeling. The unusual combination can uncover secrets, it can be a research method and it can help you save your home river if your home river is still home to a scaly monster. Is it? Stay tuned and see it for yourself in the upcoming part 3.

Part III. – Under the Sava

So, did they find a monster? The crew was diving deep to the bottom of pools to try and spot one – to help change the fate of the Sava River. New dams mean no Huchen. But legally, Huchen means no dams…


Best short film, Paddling Film Festival Canada, 2023
Best short film, Waterwalker Film Festival Canada, 2023

Year2023ClientNRSProductionLeeway Collective, Balkan River DefenceDirectorRok Rozman, Rožle BregarCinematographerRožle Bregar