Nature Without Borders (Triglav National Park)

Short documentary film

Nature Without Borders is a short documentary for Triglav National Park in Slovenia and Juilan Prealps National Park in Italy.

The only constant in nature is constant change. Fire, earth, air and water are the greatest mystery of nature, a symbol of life and a condition for it. The intense changing of nature over time can be noticed nowadays on its surface in typically shaped valleys, riverbeds, different moraines and fossils. Watercourses; gravel beds; riverbanks; valley meadows; forests; mountain pastures; bogs and wetlands; and the rocky landscape above the tree line, all the way up to the highest peaks, are habitats for more than ten thousand different plant and animal species.
Everything is connected. The countless forms of life are not divided into valuable and less valuable, important and unimportant, necessary and unnecessary: each is necessary and equally important. Since a long time ago people are marked by various forms of activities on the edge of the protected areas: agriculture, Alpine dairy farming, forestry, the 3,000-year-old mountain mining tradition and, down in the valleys, beekeeping and an inventive local crafts tradition. Man is a part of nature but is in no way its center, its absolute master. Once a man has lost his elemental contact with nature, he has lost contact with himself.

The precious natural world has no price, but infinite value. Or as Albert Einstein once put it: Not everything that counts can be counted and not everything that can be counted, counts.

You can watch the full documentary film (15′) in TNP Info Centre Dom Trenta.


1st Prize – Short documentary film, Outdoor foto&film Festival Kreševo, BIH 2022
1st Prize – DOC & TV, Environment & Ecology, ITFF Africa, 2022
2nd Prize – short documentary film & mountain film, Finisterra Brazil Film Art & Tourism Festival, Brasil, 2022
1st Prize – short documentary film, Finisterra Arrabida, Portugal, 2020
Best Ecology Film, Silafest, Serbia, 2020
Jury mention, Cortomontagna film Festival, Italy, 2020

Year2020Runtime15 minClientTriglav National ParkDirectorRožle BregarCinematographerRožle Bregar