Mountaineering Series (Slovenian National TV)

TV Mini Series

Gora ni večna

The three-part series “Gora ni večna” examines the impact of climate change and natural processes on the mountain world, featuring mountaineers Irena Mrak, Miha Pavšek, and Jaka Ortar discussing their findings and research. Each episode is connected through a myth or tale that illustrates the interconnectedness between nature and humans, shaping the narrative of the changing mountains.

Gora ni večna: Podrta gora, 2023, EP1
Gora ni večna: Zmaj, 2023, EP2
Gora ni večna: Zlatorog, 2023, EP3


Literarno vertikalno

Mountaineering trilogy for all mountain lovers. The series, consisting of three parts, takes viewers across the Dolgi hrbet, under Pihavec, and into the North Face of Triglav. The ascents are accompanied by mountaineering literature.

Literarno-vertikalno: Iskanje in uporništvo, 2022, EP1
Literarno-vertikalno: Gorska romantika, 2022, EP2
Literarno-vertikalno: Hrepenenje, 2022, EP3


V treh stenah

The documentary series “V treh stenah” is a trilogy about the iconic walls of our mountains, with each wall having its own distinct character and story.

V treh stenah: Steber, 2021, EP1
V treh stenah: Diagnoza, 2021, EP2
V treh stenah: Poročni prstan, 2021, EP3

Year2021 - ...Runtime25 min / EPClientRTV SlovenijaDirectorBoštjan Virc, Rožle BregarCinematographerRožle Bregar