Infinite Circle: Bonds of a Friendship

Adventure video

Siggi, Rožle, and Aleš embark on a journey to explore a new side of Iceland while engaging in outdoor activities and strengthening their friendship. The trio had recently lost a close friend, Jure, and this tragedy brought them even closer together. They planned a trip with simplicity, agreeing on an itinerary and necessary equipment, but allowed their moods and the weather to guide them.

The friends set out on skis, feeling free and alone in the vastness of Iceland. They were not just in search of perfect skiing conditions, but also for the pure joy of being present in the moment. Along the way, they experienced Siggi’s tradition of having a lamb BBQ during mountain trips, a tradition passed down from his grandparents. They also witnessed an incredible display of the Aurora Borealis, despite facing harsh winds and extreme cold. In the end, they were left in awe of nature’s beauty and realized that embracing it with an open heart is the only way to truly appreciate it.

Through their journey, the trio strengthened their bond and created new memories together. They learned to appreciate the simple things in life and the beauty of nature. This trip not only allowed them to explore Iceland but also to explore themselves and their friendship.


Gold Award in Adventure tourism, Terres Travel Film & Creativity Festival, Spain, 2023
2nd Prize, Expeditions & Adventures, Art&Tur Film Festival, Portugal, 2023
Award Winner, Finisterra Arrábida Film Art & Tourism Festival, Portugal, 2023
Award Winner, Amorgos International Film Festival, Greece, 2023

Year2023ClientElan SkisDirectorRožle BregarCinematographerRožle Bregar